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Driver Behaviour Made Visible

Ingenium dynmaics can help you identify high risk driver behaviour, making car accidents preventable

Ingenium Dynamics is a telematics system that provides visibility of driver behaviour to users, allowing a parent or a fleet manager to where necessary make an intervention in order to prevent a road traffic collision from occurring.

  • Ingenium Dynamics can help fleets managers and parents quickly identify dangerous and carless driving behaviours.
  • Developed with the help of road safety experts from the Motor Industry Research Association, Cranfield University and Loughborough University.
  • E-Learning facilities provide a means of reinforcing your safety messages.
  • It helps you reduce the risk of costly accidents and injuries.

Ingenium Dynamics helps you ensure the safety of the driver, passenger and other road users at all times.

Improve Driving Improve Visibility Save Fuel Reduce Collisions Reduce Costs Reduce Theft

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